“I have dedicated my life to illness recovery care in the United States and around the world.”

Dr. Kerri Miller, re:iimmune>’s developer, founder and CEO of Make People Better LLC

My love of knowledge, medicine and business are part of my DNA. I am a 7th generation Missourian with a family tree that includes a horse and buggy doctor, educators, businessmen, farmers and even a retail merchant.

After graduating from Burge School of Nursing program in 1989, I started my career at Cox South Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. While working and raising a family, I continued my education receiving a Bachelor of Science from Drury University and a Master of Science in Nursing from University of Missouri, Kansas City.

To meet the needs of the ever-changing health care system, I enrolled in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at John Hopkins University and continued to Harvard for a certificate within the School of Public Health in Global Health Effectiveness.

“I am committed to bridging gaps in recovery care, developing tools and technologies that empower people and to help “Make People Better” no matter where they call home.”

My doctoral studies focused on developing community health programs addressing deadly consequences of diarrheal disease in Nicaragua. While caring for my patients in the United States I was combating hospital readmission, trying to shorten recovery time and streamlining patient care. However, in both scenarios, patients needed something that didn’t exist. This is when I started to envision what is now the first Hydrobiotic®  Recovery Formula, re:iimmune 

My global health and Doctor of Nursing Practice experience gives me the unique ability to put together the science addressing illness recovery. 

Through a simple portable packet of powder, water is given more power to hydrate while supercharging the body.

Inspired by my volunteer work, a serving of re:iimmune is donated for every box purchased through the company’s Get Well, Make Well program. 

re:iimmune caught the eye of international relief organizations Direct Relief and Convoy of Hope, and to date 120,000 doses of re:iimmune have been utilized in East and West Africa, a, Haiti, Columbia, Peru, and Nicaragua.

“The goal is to strengthen your body’s natural ability to heal and recover more quickly.”

Because healing starts from the inside out, cells need to be adequately hydrated to function. re:iimmune’s immune boosting properties can help strengthen the intestinal barrier that protects us from unwanted bacteria. 

I created this formula which has proven scientific results to improve the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, reduce inflammation and hydrate the body at a cellular level. 

Many testimonials of patients and consumers using re:iimmune state they see benefits when recovering from cold and flu, from cancer treatments and major illness or surgery.

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