First of all, what a lovely name, Convoy of Hope. When times are dark and disaster strikes, a convoy of caring individuals spreading hope and trying to create solutions to problems is not only a comfort, it’s a necessity. Founded by the Donaldson Family in 1994, the inspiration for starting the organization was born out of their gratitude for the many people who reached out and helped their family after their father, Harold, was killed by a drunk driver in 1969. Over the years, they’ve worked with churches, businesses, government agencies and other nonprofits to provide help to over 79 million people suffering from impoverishment, natural disasters and hunger. They are a multi-year recipient of the prestigious Four Star Charity Award from Charity Navigator.

Convoy of Hope makes it’s home, as re:iimmune does, here in Springfield, Missouri. It’s an ideal location right in the middle of the country for their distribution center as its proximity to U.S. 65 and I-44 allows for rapid transport of goods. Food and other relief supplies are transferred to and from the warehouse weekly.  Over twenty years time, the organization has helped provide disaster response, conduct community outreach events and direct nutritional programs and sustainability projects in 48 states in America.

Internationally, here are just a few places where Convoy of Hope has reached out a helping hand. We’ve taken these directly from their website and there are plenty more examples if you’d like to learn more!


We began feeding children in the Philippines in 2009 and it has become one of our largest feeding countries with 28,024 children currently enrolled in the initiative at 235 program centers. The Philippines is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, so having an efficient feeding network allows us to respond quickly when disasters strike the island nation.


After establishing our program in Kenya in 2009, we began helping the Maasai people find ways to get clean water to their villages. Maasai tribes in one region had been desperately searching for ways to overcome their lack of water when they discovered the answer lied within Mt. Suswa, an active volcano. They found that the lava flow running beneath them was heating existing ground water, turning it into steam and trapping it in the earth. They began harvesting the steam by inserting pipes in the ground and collecting it as it turns to distilled water. We’ve funded the work at 12 sites where the Maasai are utilizing this method. There are currently 2,574 children being fed at 15 program centers in Kenya.


We began feeding children in El Salvador in 2007 and the initiative has seen positive growth in the years since. Currently 11,296 children are being fed at 79 program centers s in El Salvador. We also piloted our Mother’s Club program in this country, through which we provide poverty-stricken mothers with entrepreneurial skills they use to earn a living and provide for their families.

We are so proud to partner with the people at Convoy of Hope for our Get Well, Make Well campaign which enables customers purchasing re:iimmune to help another person in need. When you buy a box, a serving is donated to relief organizations working to improve the health of underserved populations suffering from dehydration and intestinal maladies. Our partnership with Convoy of Hope is vital to this process and in the spirit of the holiday season, we wanted to extend our thanks to this fine organization by telling you a bit more about what they do domestically and internationally in an effort to help wipe out hunger and malnutrition and to improve the quality of life of those most in need.

Thank you Convoy of Hope for all the good you bring to the world! We are thrilled to partner with them! If you or your organization would like to donate to, partner or volunteer with Convoy of Hope, please check out their Get Involved page on their website.