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Our news feeds our filled with photos of palm trees, beaches and family vacations to amusement parks and scenic campsites. It’s that time of year, pack a bag, book the tickets and fly off into the sunset to have the time of your life with your family or friends. One of the most common venues for vacation are cruises- preferred for their convenience, affordability and variety. The all inclusive meals, shows, parties, built in pools and beautiful destinations, make cruise vacations a full package experience. Over the last decade, cruise vacations have only grown in popularity and accessibility, leading to high demand, and crowded ships.

vacation, norovirus, diarrhea, dehydration, immune systemThe last few years, we’ve heard stories in the media about an influx of norovirus on cruise vacations – mostly due to large numbers of people residing in close proximity, traveling to foreign waters, eating and drinking new foods, and exposing themselves to unfamiliar bacteria. Norovirus isn’t exclusive to cruise ships, but it is a concern to keep in mind when you’re preparing for your next floating vacation destination. Norovirus is an infection that induces a sudden onset of vomiting and diarrhea and is highly contagious, as it spreads rapidly through close contact with an infected person.  As Cruise Minus advises, it’s important to pack oral hydration supplies, and treatments for diarrhea. re:iimmune® just so happens to be both of those things in one package!


The Clinical Strength Hydration formula in re:iimmune® is sugar free and diabetic friendly, making it a safe resource for everyone experiencing travel, vacation, re:iimmune Clinical Strength Hydration, immune system, sugar free, diabetic friendlydehydration. The multi strain pre and probiotic blend in re:iimmune® restores balance to your digestive health, while the L-Glutamine works to repair damage done to the tissue in the intestinal wall. The generous dose of ginger found in re:iimmune® works to soothe nausea, and strengthens the immune system along side a healthy serving of zinc contained in each sachet. When it comes to enjoying your summer vacation, don’t let norovirus or dehydration throw a hitch in your plans. The last thing you want to do on vacation is wind up stuck in a bed, far away from home -so add re:iimmune to your packing list, and get better, better™!


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