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Are you feeling those flyaway, dry hair blues? This time of the year can take it’s toll on our bodies and hair is no exception. The lack of moisture in the air can do a number on your strands and scalp, so today we’ve gathered some simple and natural fixes to help give some love to your locks!

Static Stoppers

One of the worst parts of dealing with winter hair is static. It’s annoying to say the least. One way of reducing the amount of static is to gravitate toward natural fibers in your clothing. Cotton, wool, linen and other natural fibers aren’t as likely to create static electricity as synthetic fibers like polyester and acrylic. You can also create a hair mist to help moisturize and tame flyaways. Mix rosewater and a few drops of lavender oil with a carrier oil of your choice (apricot kernel oil or argan oil for example) in a spray bottle and spritz the hair lightly to control, moisturize and add a little shine.

Keep it Cool

We know it feels so good to blast yourself with hot water in the shower when it’s so cold outside but resist that temptation. It’s bad for your skin and can lead to dry hair. Keep the shower temp lukewarm and try a final rinse with cold water, which helps to smooth the cuticles of the hair.

Special Treatments

You don’t have to pay a ton of money to a salon for masks to help moisturize you hair. There are plenty of ingredients right in your kitchen that do a marvelous job at battling dry hair. Here are just a few concoctions to try out. . .

banana (1) + almond oil (1tsp) + avocado (1) = Natural fats soften the strands, moisturize and lock moisture in.

yogurt (½ cup) + honey (½ cup) + 1 tbsp almond oil = Protein promoted growth and lactic acid aids in cleaning the scalp and keeping hair follicles healthy. Honey is wonderfully moisturizing and smells divine.

eggs (2) + apple cider vinegar (½ cup) + castor oil (2 tbsp) = Shine and prevention of hair loss. You might want to add a bit of lavender oil in the mix for a more pleasant smell.