While spring is typically the season when most people think of doing a big house cleaning, there are many important reasons to do the same in the fall. We’re all ready to cozy up and refresh our nests so that we can be comfortable, prepare for the holidays and keep healthy in the long winter ahead! Here are some things to keep in mind as you do your fall cleaning. . .

Bed Pillows

One of the biggest battles in a home is fighting against dust. Did you know that dust is comprised mostly of dead skin cells that we are constantly shedding? Getting rid of dust on furniture is something to do quite often to help with your breathing and allergies. Several times a year it’s a good idea to rid areas that aren’t often thought about. Bed pillows also collect dust, mold spores and other allergens. It’s best to clean your pillows three to four times a year and while we’ve got fall cleaning on the brain, it’s a perfect time to take care of them.

Add a half cup of baking soda to your laundry detergent and if concerned about dust mites, eucalyptus oil is a great addition as well. To help keep your pillows fluffed up, put a couple of tennis balls into old socks and toss them in the dryer with the pillows.

Speaking of Dust

Don’t forget your walls, ceilings, curtains and overhead fans while doing your fall cleaning. It’s always a good idea to start high when cleaning and work your way down to the floor. It’s no fun to get all the dust up out of corners and off of surfaces and then look up and realize you’re going to have to knock down all that dust up high onto those newly clean surfaces. After cleaning those high areas, wait a few minutes for the dust to settle before you continue cleaning anything else. It’s always fun to spend a few minutes daydreaming and watching the dust spores fall through the sunshine as they settle. Do you remember doing that as a kid?

After daydreaming, it’s back to reality and it’s time to think about having the air ducts in your home cleaned by a professional. You yourself can change the air filter in your furnace to keep things running smoothly and to keep the air in your home clean and healthy.

‘Tis the Season to Purge

Fall is a great time to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Think about going through your closets and selecting clothing and coats for donation. The holidays are just around the corner so it’s also a good time to go through children’s toys and pare down before the gift deluge hits.

Another area to look at is the kitchen. Go through the fridge, freezer and pantry and use up or get rid of those things that have expired or are about to go bad. Don’t forget the spice drawer! Spices tend to lose their potency over time. Some good guidelines…

Ground Spices: 2-3 years

Dried Herbs: 1-2 years

Whole Spices, Seeds and Extracts: 4 years

Check out Treehugger.com. They have some great ideas for what to do with those expired spices, so don’t throw them out just yet!

Very few of us really LOVE to clean but we love how the house feels when it’s all done! So put on your comfiest clothes and bliss out to your favorite tunes. Before you know it, you’ll have a cleaner and healthier home which will lift your spirits and make the next season much merrier and brighter.
Check back next week when we’ll share some great natural ingredients for home cleaning!