Why is hydration so important?

Sufficient hydration is essential for maintaining our health. Our body needs fluids for temperature control, chemical balance and for cells to make energy and get rid of waste products. 

Water transports hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients to all vital organs. When we are ill, we often become dehydrated, and this can severely impact the speed and quality of our recovery.

re:iimmune recovery formula - contains nutrients and immune boosting ingredients:

  • Balancing electrolytes for improved water
    absorption at the cellular level
  • A multi-strain probiotic complex to help support intestinal immunity
  • A prebiotic to promote growth of good
    intestinal bacteria
  • L-Glutamine as a co-fluid transporter and to help repair tissue
  • Zinc for promoting immunity
  • Ginger to help reduce nausea

Dehydration affects every system of the body, resulting in:

  • Impaired healing*
  • Increased risk of infections*
  • Decreased respiratory and cardiac function*
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular and
    gastrointestinal disorders*
  • Poorer outcomes of chronic lung diseases*
  • Poorer physical and cognitive function*

What is a Hydrobiotic?

Hydrobiotic is an enhanced water-based formula carrying essential nutrients to help eating and recovery.

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