When you google the words ”illness recovery,” you will likely get search results related to mental health or drug rehabilitation. You will scroll through many pages before you find anything related to the general physiological response of recovering from any illness. 

It is this exact reason that Make People Better was created. 

Make People Better started because too many people struggle to recover from their illness. It really doesn’t matter what type of illness, from the flu to fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease to cancer, or depression to diabetes – everyone struggles to regain wellness.

Healthcare providers are excellent at making diagnoses, prescribing medications, or performing advanced surgeries, but they don’t have a clue how to help people manage their illness once they leave the hospital or clinic. Technology and advances in science have made it possible to recover from almost any illness, but at what price? Is there a need for the science of illness recovery? We think the answer is yes. 

Our mission is to identify the core reasons people struggle to recover from an illness and work to provide scientific solutions that can improve health outcomes. As part of our overall strategy, Make People Better is launching our Get Better, Better campaign. We want to start with your personal DNA, which will help you with shared decision-making between you and your doctor, bridging the gap between illness and wellness. Home DNA testing is a game changer! Not only is it possible, but it is also affordable for people to test their DNA with a cheek swab from the comfort of their home. The information someone can obtain from this type of testing can be the catalyst to realizing their full, healthy, potential self. Your unique DNA shows how you process food, and determines your optimal diet for health. Also, you can determine key traits for muscle energy and fatigue, as well as aerobic capacity and how your body recovers after exercise. The real game changer is taking out the guesswork for your doctor by testing how your body responds to different medications. Testing for medicine eliminates the possibility of adverse drug reactions and includes medications for your heart health, pain management, mental health, digestive health, and diabetes. 

We also want to help you approach illness recovery as seriously as you approach the illness. We will give you facts that should make you raise an eyebrow along with tips on how to manage your health better during the illness recovery phase. We think the information provided will help you begin to understand that you are unique, and your DNA can help you make better choices for your health. 

We want to help you get better, better. Try re:iimmune today to see how much faster it is at helping you recover from your illness!