What is re:iimmune® ?

re:iimmune is a double-acting recovery formula  helping you boost and support your recovery. It combines:

1. Water strengthened with balancing electrolytes. This creates an isotonic solution for improved water absorption at the cellular level.

2. An essential package of nutrients designed to help restore and support your immune defenses on both a cellular and intestinal level. 

We call this essential recovery formula a Hydrobiotic, meaning it’s an enhanced water-based solution carrying essential nutrients to help healing and recovery.

What is a Hydrobiotic® ?

re:iimmune recovery formula contains nutrients and immune boosting ingredients:

  • Balancing electrolytes for improved water absorption at the cellular level
  • A multi-strain probiotic complex to help support intestinal immunity
  • A prebiotic to promote growth of good intestinal bacteria
  • L-Glutamine as a co-fluid transporter and to help repair tissue
  • Zinc for promoting immunity
  • Ginger to help reduce nausea

re:iimmune is completely sugar free.

Other ingredients:

PreBlend3® Agave Fructan (organic), Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract, Beet (Root), Monk (fruit) Extract.

Suggested use as a dietary supplement for adults and children 1 year and older.

Ask your healthcare practitioner if re:iimmune is right for you. Store in a cool dry place.

Raspberry Lemonade all natural flavoring.

Free from: Added sugars, fruit juice, synthetic colors, preservatives, gluten.

Prepare in less than a minute

Instructions: Add one packet to 16oz (500ml) of water*. Stir well. Can be refrigerated. Drink within 24 hrs.

*Tastes best cold. Add ice if desired.

How does re:iimmune work?
Recovery starts at the cellular and intestinal level.

At the cellular level… Cells need to be adequately hydrated to function. Dehydration is often caused by sweating, fever, certain medications, diarrhea and other causes. re:iimmune recovery formula is designed to assist in cellular hydration and efficient water transport.

At the intestinal level… re:iimmune delivers a powerful prebiotic along with proven probiotics that support your body’s own natural defenses.

Illness, antibiotics, diets and lifestyle often disrupt your intestine’s natural defense barriers and slow down recovery.

re:iimmune’s immune boosting formula is designed to help:

  • Provide enhanced hydration for improved cellular function
  • Assist in creating a protective
    barrier from unwanted bacteria in the intestines
  • Improve the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria
  • Reduce intestinal inflammation

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