Re:iimmune is proud to donate to Lighthouse Relief (LHR)! LHR provides crucial emergency response support for all refugees arriving on Lesvos Island, the majority of which are from Afghanistan. To make this happen, they partner with Medical Volunteers International (MVI). It is MVI who provides medical staff for each boat landing. 

To locate and assist the dinghies filled with refugees, LHR works with Refugee Rescue’s emergency response boat. Once the emergency response boat lands or is brought to port, LHR then assesses medical cases and provides emergency care. Emergency blankets, biscuits, and water are also provided. After this, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) vans transport the refugees to the transit camp. The refugees then stay here for about one day. Once settled in for this day at the camp, LHR provides dry clothing, diapers, blankets, feminine hygiene products, food, water, hot tea, and shoes. A nurse then continues monitoring medical care and assisting with care in the onsite clinic. 

Because so many of these refugees waited for a week in the Turkish forest with scant food and water before taking this hours-long journey across the sea, dehydration is quite high among them. Re:iimmune provides packets for the most severe cases of dehydration. Each packet contains: 

Re:iimmune is also all-natural flavoring, It contains no added sugars, fruit juice, preservatives, synthetic colors, or gluten. We are so proud to help the refugees start their health off on the right path, and we look forward to continuing this help with LHR in the future.