get better,


with re:iimmune

Double-acting recovery formula


immune boosting

re:iimmune recovery formula helps strengthen your body’s ability to heal and recover more quickly.

re:iimmune helps support your recovery

It addresses the core reasons we can struggle to recover: poor hydration and weakened immune system.

Prepare in less
than a minute

Add one packet to 16oz (500ml) of water. Stir well. Add ice if desired.

Get better, better.® ‡

re:iimmune is formulated with balancing electrolytes, a multi-strain probiotic complex to help support the intestinal immune system and a prebiotic to help promote growth of good intestinal bacteria. It contains L-Glutamine as a water co-transporter for improved hydration and to help repair tissue, zinc to help promote immunity, and ginger to help reduce nausea. re:iimmune is completely sugar free.

balanced electrolytes

probiotics + prebiotic


Zinc + Ginger

Sugar free

Meet our founder,
Dr Kerri Miller

“I have committed my life to illness recovery in the US and around the world. I am committed to bridging gaps in recovery care, developing tools and technologies that empower you to discover better ways to recover.”