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It seems as though ingredient lists keep growing in length on the backs of boxes that we pick up in the grocery store, littered with words containing too many syllables and disguised names. We have all heard disturbing stories detailing the gory process most of our food endures before it hits our plates, and then there’s the gobs of sugars, fake coloring’s, toxins and harmful chemicals a number of our over the counter medicines are sneaking into our system. In a world where “Hydroxytoluene” is a real and unfriendly chemical found in most of our pantries, it’s nice to know there’s a product on the market that wants you to know the ins and outs of each ingredient it contains and why they’re good for you.

When Dr. Kerri Miller set out to create re:iimmune®, she approached it with one goal in mind: to help Make People Better. Every single ingredient in re:iimmune® serves a purpose and was considered carefully for it’s quality and purity. That’s why we’d like to take you deeper into the story behind our ingredient list by dedicating a series of blogs to the “more”. More transparency from us, more education for you, and more value than just hydration and probiotics. Hydrobiotic® is the hot, new advancement that combines Clinical Strength Hydration® with  probiotics. re:iimmune® then takes this concept and uses it as the foundation for an even more powerful formula with many moving parts. We’ll call this; Part One.

If you’ve had an antibiotic prescribed to you within the last few years, you’ve probably been suggested by your healthcare provider to also take a probiotic in order to relieve the potential digestive unbalance a run of antibiotics typically leaves your body struggling with. Probiotics alone are a tricky concept, each body responds differently to different strains of these live cultures. That’s why it’s important to choose a product that has several, diverse probiotic strains that cover a broad spectrum, BUT did you know that probiotics require a special type of food to survive and populate all the way through your intestinal tract? This food is called a prebiotic and there are several different sources and forms of this nondigestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.

Just as it is the case with probiotics, there are several naturally accuring food sources that contain prebiotics. For instance, prebiotics are naturally occurring in: garlic, chicory root, raw asparagus, almonds, raw onion, and raw leeks. The prebiotic chosen to pair with re:iimmune®’s 14 strain probiotic blend is derived from organic agave plants, and is a fructan called Agave Inulin. To speak technically for a moment, this prebiotic is a short chain fatty acid that is not digestible, which means it does not increase the amount of glucose or insulin in the blood, making it direimuneabout2abetic friendly. This particular prebiotic is special because it remains viable as it makes its way through the entire digestive tract, all the while feeding the good bacteria that your gut needs to balance itself out and keep you healthy.


Fun Fact: Dr. Kerri Miller the founder of Make People Better and creator of re:iimmune® harvested our agave herself and here’s a picture to prove it!

We’ve just begun the journey of exposing re:iimmune® for what it really is, so stay tuned, share this blog if you found it interesting, and get better, better™!


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