We have all been subject to trial and error when it comes to our health. We try different diets to lose weight. We eliminate dairy, gluten, and even coffee. We take vitamins and minerals believing they will help us. We join different fitness clubs or purchase home exercise equipment just to find a plan we can live with on a consistent basis. 

Home DNA Testing is one way of participating in your health at the deepest level. 

We are given a prescription for a medication. It may not work or it makes us feel bad, so we try another one. Trial and error is “finding out the best way to reach a desired result or a correct solution by trying out one or more ways or means and noting and eliminating errors or causes of failure until you succeed,” according to Webster Dictionary. 

With a simple cheek swab you can learn more about how your body is uniquely designed to feel GOOD, without years of trial and error. 

re:iimmune wants you to know what is possible. Here is what you can learn about YOU.

Fitness DNA Test will help you discover:

– The best exercise program for weight loss

– Key traits for muscle energy, recovery

and fatigue

– Insulin and body fat response to exercise

– Traits for aerobic capacity, nitric oxide

and vascular function 







Nutrition DNA Test will help you discover:

– Optimal diet type for weight loss

– Reactions to gluten, caffeine, alcohol, and lactose

– Predispositions for metabolic rate, cholesterol, blood sugar

– Determine nutritional needs for vitamins and folate